Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress

Whether you are planning to get a mattress, or you already have a mattress, asking questions about it can help you in many ways, such as prolonging its life, and making it the most comfortable to use. Hence asking about a mattress sale Gilbertis necessary before buying it.

When asking questions, it is important that you ask people who are in the know, it may be the sales representative, customer service support of the mattress manufacturer, experts and people with firsthand experience.

There are many ways you can ask questions and get accurate and reliable responses when looking for a mattress sale Gilbert, you can call manufacturer’s customer service support team, visit a mattress showroom, join forums discussing mattresses and read reviews and blogs posted by trusted people.

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But, what questions are frequently asked? To help you with it, below are good questions and answers too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress

  • If your mattress is too firm or too hard, will it cause body pains, particularly at the back?

Some think that only hard mattress can cause back pain, but actually, it is both soft and hard mattresses. If the mattress is too firm, you will find that it will push your body’s pressure points like torso, shoulders and hips, and in worse cases, it may cause misalignment.

One indication that your bed is too firm, is if you wake up, your arms is feeling heavy and painful, even if no weight was put on it.

  • Why a new mattress most of the time feels firmer?

There are mattress types from the mattress sale Gilbert that feel firm on first uses. Time is needed to make it settle and give you the comfort you are looking for. If the bed you ordered is delivered in a box, expect that it is softer, but if it arrives completely intact, you might need 30 days or even more adjustment period before you achieve the mattress softness.

  • When I add plywood underneath my bed, will the mattress feel firmer?

Yes, definitely. But, this you only do when you are using boxsprings. Or else, a solid platform frame can give you the same impact.

  • How to make a memory foam mattress a lot firmer

There are two things you can do, one is to get a topper to firm or keep your room cool at all times.

The more questions you ask before getting a mattress from mattress sale Gilbert, it gives you better chances of becoming successful in your mattress purchase.