Prestashop mega menu development

Among the very Important elements to look at when designing your site is its own navigation. We have been to sites where we could not locate something or got lost over and over again. This typically ends up with us clicking off to another website in total frustration. A current study by Stanford University even revealed that navigation issues damage a site’s credibility. So, how can you create A navigation system that is simple to use and does not frustrate your customers? The very first step is to produce a well defined principal Prestashop mega menu that arranges your website into fewer or six principal places. The subjects should appear in sequence of importance from left to right and top to bottom.

Prestashop mega menu

Keep it sparkling and user friendly

Next, it is time to Arrange your third and second degree sub pages below each one of the primary navigation objects. Thus, Landscaping Services would turn into another degree sub page beneath Services while Tree Trimming would develop into a sub page beneath Landscaping Services   which makes it third degree. Therefore, your navigation will seem like that Services>Landscaping Services>Tree Trimming. Incidentally, this notation   Services>Landscaping Service>Tree Trimming   is referred to as a breadcrumb trail. I advise that you set a little breadcrumb link such as this on every sub page so that the user will not get lost.

There are lots of Navigation approaches out there however I advise giving rapid access to a third and second level pages utilizing drop down menus. So, whenever someone clicks Services, a menu of your third and second degree topics seems allowing for easier navigation. A recent analysis of Prestashop mega menu techniques revealed that drop down menus lead in considerably fewer navigation mistakes than other methods like fly outs and rollovers. Final bit of Information: not bury important details. There is nothing more maddening than simply clicking all over the area to contact your Home Page or to seek out contact, login or account info. Place links to the information on the best corner of each page in the kind of little utility hyperlinks. Your navigation can Create or break your site. Spend some time creating a clean, easy, User friendly navigation system which helps people find what they are searching for With the maximum amount of clicks.